& I've got the answers!

Hola lovebirds! When it comes to your big day, asking your wedding photographer a bunch of questions is the secret sauce to making sure every detail is woven into the script. So, I'm spilling the beans of all the questions that have come before you to give you a comprehensive look behind the scenes of working with me!


Do you travel for shoots & weddings?

HELL TO THE YES! Experiencing a new place through my own lens is the number one way I feel creatively fueled! Wether it be a scenic mountain town, a cozy coastal cottage, or YOUR favorite place in the world, I need to experience it! When booking me for a location outside of my local range I will give you a custom travel quote! Any wedding over 3 hours from me will require a 1 night accommodation, US west coast travel is usually around $800, midwest/east coast travel is around $1200, and international travel ranges from $800-$2000! But I love to work with your budget and create custom packages to make all your photo dreams possible!

Do you shoot wedding weekends?

YES YES YES! I am so passionate about not only documenting the season of your life leading up to wedding day (engagement photos), but also giving you an all inclusive package to document the entirety of your wedding celebrations! This kind of coverage is especially epic when you decide to get married in a "destination" where all your special people will be in one place for a whole weekend! Everything from rehearsal dinner, multiple times of casual couples photos, wedding day coverage, & the after party will be included in your ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE! We can get funky with customizing what photo ops you really want captured & have a blast hanging out! I love being included in all the functions & know my best work comes from being fully immersed in the story of celebrating your love! Ask me about Marie & Clay's Mexico wedding weekend to see an example of an all inclusive gallery!

When will my gallery be delivered & how?

My turnaround time for any full wedding gallery is 10-12 weeks! But I love to send up to 100 digitally edited sneak peaks from your wedding day within a week! Normally I have all your film scanned & uploaded to your online gallery at the same time as your digital sneaks! I have film uploaded quickly because I don’t ever edit it. I will make minor cropping adjustments but I try to keep all film documentation of your day as pure as possible! - All your photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery (delivered via web link) where you can download the high res images right to your computer or phone! My gallery platform also includes a printing service so you can order prints straight from the gallery itself! - I tried it out for myself and LOVED the prints I received back!

How much is the deposit?

I request a 50% deposit upon contract signage! This is what not only holds your date, but it holds the available slot for the amount of weddings that I take in a month! I will turn down inquiries knowing that I’ve hit my max amount of slots! BUT I am super flexible so if a 25% deposit works better, and you’d like to make a few payments instead of half at signage and half 2 months before your wedding date, we can always do what is best for you!

How do you back-up my photos?

I have a few systems in place to make sure your photos are 100% secure until they’re in your hands & have been downloaded! I shoot on two separate SD cards all day! This means every photo is being saved to two places right off the bat! As soon as I get home I upload your raw images onto two separate hard drives (one for editing and one for safe keeping), & I keep a copy of the raws on your SD cards filed away until your gallery is delivered! My contract states you have 2 weeks to make sure your entire gallery has been downloaded and saved in a safe place. After 2 weeks from your gallery being delivered I clear all the SD cards and delete your raws from my hard drives to allow storage for my upcoming weddings!

Do you need a full day shot list?

No thank you! The only “shot list” I work off of is for family photos where I go in and check off each individual grouping that you request! Otherwise I try my best to document everything in the moment as the day progresses! Wedding party photos are all shots I have memorized, as well as prompts for your couples portraits! I get as specific as possible when building your timeline so all your photos are accounted for throughout the day, no need to write out specific shots! Plus, I love to be in the moment with you and I believe shooting documentary style sets us up for the most authentic representation of your day! All my posing prompts aim to lead you into a sweet candid moment, I want you to be present more than anything so you actually remember your precious day!

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely, and I’m so glad you asked haha! I have 8 full wedding galleries available for you to browse through on the “My Work” page of my website! These are ranging from one of my first elopements shot all on film, to some favorite weddings of 2023! If you’re ever interested in seeing my most recent full wedding gallery just let me know & I’ll share the link with you anytime! I think seeing a full gallery from your potential wedding photographer is so important! It will give you comprehensive look into what you can expect for your own gallery, from the amount of photos to the gallery layout as well as a great representation of my shooting & editing style!

Do you have any vendor recommendations?

HEAPS! I am so passionate about working with vendors who truly care about you as a couple & want to do everything in their power to help your day look as beautiful as possible, run incredibly smoothly, & be a team player! It’s not our day, IT’S YOURS, & working with a team of vendors who are not in the industry for selfish gain is a major component to a perfect wedding! I have a ton of recommendations that I love to share with couples after they’ve officially booked me! Once your contract is signed & deposit is received I have a whole presentation of tried & true wedding vendors I can’t wait to share with you!

How do you shoot film and digital?

I shoot just about every wedding with multiple cameras attached to me at all times, hahaha! I love mixing in film shots at random times throughout your day to kind of be a candid highlight reel! The only time of the day where I won’t shoot film is of your formal family portraits, unless requested otherwise! I'm always down to customize package options to include more film coverage throughout your day!

What is a 2nd shooter & do I need one?

Adding a 2nd shooter to your package is basically giving you another set of eyes and ears for me to work with on your wedding day! Although I love shooting any given wedding day solo, sometimes the timeline just requires two photographers at the same time! Having a 2nd shooter is most crucial when you aren’t doing a first look and there’s a higher guest count, or moments where you would just love the additional coverage! I have some amazing wedding photographer friends who I will reach out to for 2nd shooting after you’ve officially booked! All raw images from your second shooter are seamlessly integrated into your full wedding gallery & edited by me!