I am thrilled to announce I am fully booked for 2024! And with that, I am very excited to now be accepting & documenting your intimate local or travel weddings & adventure elopements going into 2025!

shootin' film & tequila wherever the wind blows...

shootin' film & tequila wherever the wind blows...

Specializing in 35mm Film Photography for Intimate Travel Weddings and Elopements

Based in Southern California - Traveling up and down the California Coast, Eastern Sierra (Mammoth Lakes, CA), all over the US & internationally!

When I say I go "wherever the wind blows" I mean it!

about Kari
about Kari

for the laid back lovers - coast to coast

I'm here to capture the real shit in a timeless way. I'm here for the tequila shooters, laid-back lovers, hopeless romantics, outdoorsy adventurers, parking lot shotgunners, and everyone in between. My goal is to put your love first and help you be present, so you can savor each moment together.

I LOVE to capture REAL love! I'm all about documenting your authentic chemistry as you go about soaking up your wedding day! But I am not much of a sideline observer... I will encourage a make-out sesh, I will 100% get rowdy on your dance floor, & I will probably take a moment to remind you that your wedding day is about celebrating YOUR LOVE & YOUR MARRIAGE. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

I am so excited to hear from you & hopefully be the lucky lady to document your love story!

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before you venture on...

I love to get up close and personal with my clients. Let's just be homies, shall we? I might be more of a dog person, but I love my humans with my WHOLE heart. From texting through fam drama & all your fun inspo, to working on your timeline [even with a planner] to making sure you're hydrated while gettin' crunk on the dance floor... I will be there every step of the way! TURN AROUND- wassup, it's me! :-)

I am not only here as your resource and to hold your hand through the wedding planning process but my goal is to prioritize your love & encourage you to be present! I want you to enjoy every moment together to the absolute fullest!

It goes by way to damn fast!

I'm here to get you so fucking hyped, to be your loving yet fierce guard dog, make you feel totally comfy with easy breezy direction, & capture you in your element as our time together naturally unfolds. 


Wedding photography is nothing if not personal! Knowing you is imperative to this beautiful process, & it is truly what brings me the most joy while capturing your day & editing it for hours afterwards. 

I hope that all sounds like your cup of tea (or spicy margarita) because I am so beyond ready to dive into this season with you & give you the photos to remind you of how you felt in those sexy shoes of yours... 

lasting imagery...

Photography is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

It captures and preserves memories, allowing you to relive your most treasured moments and emotions for years to come. The experience I offer goes beyond just taking pictures; it is about creating a connection, and capturing the beauty of your unique story. My goal is to create a relaxed environment where you can be yourself and enjoy the present moment together. The memories we capture together will be priceless and will serve as a constant reminder of the love and joy you shared on that special day.

so what's the price tag babe?