desert lovers in the wild...

35MM Film & Digital Photography

Treena & Nick! What an absolute treat it was to capture these two lovers for their engagement shoot, along with their right hand pup Theo, always a welcome addition to any shoot of mine.

Getting to capture their lil fam on digital and film was so unique and dreamy, just like them. They were aiming for a cool & stylish western vibe set in Joshua Tree National Park and they absolutely crushed it! They showed me how their love is not afraid to get adventurous and silly while also being the coolest trio in the whole park.

the jtree dream team

While hopping around Split Rock Loop Trail (just a 20 minute drive from the north park entrance) I got to learn more about this radiant couple and how they both grew up in Mammoth Lakes, CA which just so happens to be one of my favorite places on EARTH! These two honored their western roots with the coolest outfits ranging from dressy cowboy/girl and ending the shoot with their more laid back denim vibes made complete with their cowboy hats (a must in my opinion). Joshua Tree in the springtime was

a perfect place to capture these moments, there’s so much variety in that setting, so much fun for a couple to experience, and so many different adventures for you and your boo to take and for me to document!

This specific trail overlooks a valley and has a never ending supply of boulders to hop around on for different shots. Speaking of shots...these two kept the shoot upbeat and lovey with a quick shot of whiskey in the parking lot in between outfit changes. We love a couple that’s not afraid to let loose just a lil! The vibes that day were unmatched and I am so happy with how their gallery came out! From their stolen smooches to their twirls on the boulders and everything in between you can’t not feel their love through the screen. It also helps that they low key look like they’re dropping a country album soon. Shooting for these guys is what it’s truly all about! Learning about their love story, including their sweet pup, exploring a freakin national park, what’s not to love about their love!

we love a mix of film & digital! enjoy more photos from their gallery below-

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So Treena & Nick this one is for you! Here’s to a lifetime of more laughs, adventures, and parking lot whiskey, I’m grateful to have just documented it.